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Posted by sidewalkbanana - September 5th, 2011

All the music I've recently posted is up here until I finish my album and then I shall remove them.
Enjoy them while they last.

Posted by sidewalkbanana - May 22nd, 2011

OK, so I've temporarily given up on all hopes of flash cause my stupid teacher said "BLAH BLAH BLAH oh and by the way we aren't learning any animating till 3rd term. so maybe later in the year I will try but for now I'm sticking to making birthday cards for people in Paint. they seem to appreciate them and get a good laugh. but I swear I will eventually get into animating.
Although I have started work on the suggested flash of Santas life as a child. just basic sketches but it looks like it's coming together.
I'm also trying to get a group of friends together so we can work on creating a game. so far my only ideas are a platformer where moving right increases your speed and moving left increases your attack but like the santa flash, it's all just plans.
I wish I could get myself around to actually going through with these ideas sooner rather than just putting them off until I have no desire to do them any more and need a good kick to get them started up again but I've spent my entire life being lazy and I suppose this is my punishment.
Anyway, I promise I will submit something eventually. I've nearly done my part for the Minecraft Colab but I think me and Bjorvy are the only ones that care any more.(I can't be bothered checking the name so I hope I'm right.
Well...... bye.

Posted by sidewalkbanana - December 9th, 2010

i am so incredibly bored this holidays. nearly finished my IT course and got nothing to do except finish a flash for multimedia next year. i have no god damn ideas soi hope i don't sound like a fag but if any of you have ideas.please tell me. i'll mention you at the end.
so far myanimation skill isn't very good so thats why i need something to do.
please help.

Posted by sidewalkbanana - October 30th, 2010

i am sidewalk banana.
i am 16yr's old and i am doing a course in 3D designing.
i enjoy flash and go on newgrounds daily.
one day i hope to be a teacher.
here is my first assignment i did around august 2010

hi world